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Information collection and methods

1) This information includes name, resident registration number, address, mobile phone number, phone number, e-mail, position, and other information.

Purpose of personal information use

To provide better service to users of this website, the information collected under the consent of the customers is utilized, and personal information is not provided to third parties unless it is required by laws.

Personal information access, correction, deletion and retention period

By doing so, you can access and edit the information at any time on the page of your personal profile or personal profile. In the event of membership withdrawal, all information is deleted, but data used for customer management and technical support can be stored for 3 years and used for internal storage purposes.

Privacy policy

To protect personal information, the customer’s login password is encrypted and stored, and we do our best to prevent personal information leakage.

Sharing and provision of collected personal information

1) Information can be provided when requested by the relevant authorities through due process according to the law.
2) For statistical purposes, it may be used in macro notification data in a form that does not identify an individual.

Transfer and consignment of personal information

Member information is also transferred to the acquisition company, which took over the company through due process, including the site. In this case, personal information transfer can be prevented through withdrawal of members if you do not want.

Revised privacy policy

It can be amended by better service or revised law.

Handling of opinions and complaints regarding personal information collection

Please contact the administrator for any complaints regarding personal information protection and we will quickly process the case.