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Personal information items to collect and how to collect them

1) The information collected through e-mail and web formatting includes name, resident registration number, address, mobile phone number, phone number, e-mail, position, and other information.

Purpose of use of personal information

In order to provide better service to users of this website, we utilize the information collected by the customer’s consent and do not provide personal information to a third party without prior consent or consulting law.

The period of personal information access, correction, deletion and retention

The information can be accessed or modified at any time from the personal profile page after login. In case of member withdrawal, all information is deleted, but data used in customer management, technical support, etc. can be kept for three years and is used for internal storage purposes.

Personal Information Security Measures

In order to protect personal information, the customer’s login password is encrypted and stored and we strive to prevent personal information leakage.

Sharing and providing personal information collected

1) Information may be provided when requested by the relevant institution through due process according to the law.
2) It can be used for macroscopic statistical data in a form in which individuals can not be identified for statistical purposes

Transfer and consignment of personal information

The site, along with membership information, will be transferred to the person who has taken over by acquiring the company through a legitimate procedure. If you do not want to do this, you can prevent the transfer of your personal information through membership withdrawal.

Revised Privacy Policy

Better services can be modified by laws that are revised

Collection of opinions and complaints related to personal information

If you contact the administrator for any complaints regarding personal information protection, we will take care of them swiftly.