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1. Accessibility Information Page

Quick instructions in the accessibility guide below

2. Go to main content

Skip all links directly to main content. You can skip to the main content under the menu.

3. Skip submenu

Go directly to the side menu of the selected page.

4. Site search page

Used to search the entire site. The search results are displayed as titles, descriptions, and URLs.

5. Contact

Access the Direct Contact page

6. Alternate Tag

Images that convey content are displayed by different tags:

7. Logical Content Layout

Page titles are always H1 titles and try to arrange content in logical sequence.

8. Meta-tags

For each page provided, we try to provide unique titles, descriptions, and keywords so that we can identify page content without reading the entire document.

9. Other

As of October 2014, along the shortcut to the keyboard, we will no longer decide what keyboard shortcuts offer, providing both advantages and disadvantages.

We want to use the web standards and accessibility W3C to the fullest extent possible. This website supports all major browsers such as IE, Safari, Fire Fox, Opera, Netscape, Sea Monkeys, Wildcat, and Chrome on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. The website also offers font sizing function and easy access to screen readers.

We are optimizing sites for web standards and accessibility.

For other browsers, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Access_key

Fire Fox users, Alt + Shift + key
IE users, Alt + key, and then press Enter.